Visualization For Emotional Resilience - Embodied meditation through dynamic visualization to be calm in the chaos.

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You will learn how to grow and expand your embodied sense of awareness inside of a very very very important energetic structure for this time on the planet, the belly; also known as the hara, the lower dan tien, the cauldron of primordial chi. You will be given a practical awareness practice that builds the energetic relationship to your belly and integrates them. It's very simple, extremely poignant, and fun beyond words. Using breath awareness, dynamic visualization, and color, your understanding and integration of your belly center will expand very quickly and non-conceptually. It's worth the effort of 15 minutes.

Chuck Hyde

After 17 years in Boulder, Colorado, practicing and weaving together Vibrational Bodywork, Somatic Meditation, Chen style Tai Chi, Breathwork, Functional Training, Multidimensional Energy Work, and integrating the Lucia No. 3 Meditation Lamp, it is time to share what I have found to be insightful for those practicing and awakening their sovereign soul embodiment.

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