Chuck Hyde

Chuck Hyde

After 17 years in Boulder, Colorado, practicing and weaving together Vibrational Bodywork, Somatic Meditation, Chen style Tai Chi, Breathwork, Functional Training, Multidimensional Energy Work, and integrating the Lucia No. 3 Meditation Lamp, it is time to share what I have found to be insightful for those practicing and awakening their sovereign soul embodiment.

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I chose the path of learning from personal life experience, not a path according to any one organized body of thought or belief, certification or title. I surrounded myself with teachers who questioned me, asked me to see through their eyes, to feel what they could feel, and I practiced in real life, in service to healing those who believed in me. I help assist sincere people to embody, relax, expand, adapt, and heal. My tools are bioacoustic resonance, Lucia No. 3 light therapy, breath, awareness, movement, meditation, vibrational bodywork, fascial mobilization, energy work and presence. There isn't a lineage, label or certification for what I do, I'm creating it as I am living it.

CO Licensed Massage Therapist: 2003-2020 Corrective Movement Functional Personal Trainer: 2005-2015
{Pain management, pre and post surgical treatment, fascial repatterning, restoring energetic integrity} Owner and Creator of Light Club in Boulder, Colorado