Have you checked out what our presenters are giving away? Simply watch an episode of  Calm In The Chaos, and you'll be automatically entered for the giveaways below.

Calm In The Chaos Giveaways

• A 3-hour tea ceremony at the Boulder Tea Hut with Bu Nan. Take some time for yourself with this 3-hour tea ceremony up in beautiful Boulder, CO.

• Giveaway of 3 free 1-on-1 Coaching Session - Receive a free 30-minute coaching session with Mikaal Bates.

• A Women's Private Breathwork Session w/ Aja - A deeply nourishing journey for resetting the nervous system and releasing inhibited breathing patterns.

• A one-year subscription to the Elementa app. World class yoga, meditation and mindfulness experiences on your phone or desktop, giving you results you can use every day.

More Calm In The Chaos Giveaways

• A group light session with the Lucia Light. You and 3 others can experience the magic of light!

• Giveaway of 3 mini finding your Voice activation session with Carolina Grace. This session is a mixture of a coaching session and integrated practice with the voice.

• A Men's Private Breathwork Session w/ Danny - A somatic healing journey for clarity and empowerment.

• One scholarship to a Saturn C.U.B.E. for Conflict training course, six 1.5-hour live zoom sessions. This process boils down complex models of communication into one practical, easy-to-use method that helps people avoid the most common mistakes in challenging conversations.